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About Us


    NO1. Passed the 1SO9001 quality management system certification

    Since its establishment in 2001, the company has been striving to become a modern production and manufacturing enterprise in a formal, systematic and large-scale way. Now, the company has established a sound, clear architecture

    NO2. The company was awarded "national AAA quality enterprise".

    Brother company regards product quality as the lifeline of enterprise development. Company from raw materials procurement to product design, manufacture, installation and after-sale are all adopted the most advanced idea, method, technology and equipment to ensure product quality, at the same time the company has also established strict inspection on products 

    NO3. In 2009, the company also won the honor of "director unit of China chain operation association" and "executive director unit of national association of industry and commerce baking association"

    After brothers company long-term unremitting efforts, in order to "conscientious, excellence" as the quality standard, pay attention to technology innovation and improve service quality, to ensure that for every customer to provide quality products

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